Why you need engagement pictures

Hello there! If you're reading this, then I'm guessing that you recently got engaged. First of all, congrats! Secondly, if you're thinking about hiring a wedding photographer, engagement photos are a must-do. Why? Well, here are some reasons why it's essential to have engagement portraits taken.

A chance to commit to a photographer you like.

Your engagement session is your chance to commit to a photographer you like. You can get a feel for how they work, and you can ask questions about the process and the photographer's style. There’s no need to worry that this will be awkward or weird; it’s just the two of you, having fun!

But what if I’m not comfortable in front of the camera?

You don’t have to be naturally photogenic. The most important thing is that you are relaxed, happy, and having fun with your partner. We promise that once we meet up for your engagement shoot, it will be easy for everyone!

You'll have beautiful photos for save-the-dates and other wedding needs.

Save-the-dates are a great way to get the word out about your big day, but they’re also often overlooked. Engagement photos are an excellent way to remind people that you have a wedding coming up and also give them something to look forward to!

Relaxing in front of the camera takes practice!

Engagement photos are a great way to get comfortable with being in front of the camera and trust the photographer  enough to get a few laughs out of you both.

You might feel silly posing for the camera, but don’t stress out about it! Your photographer will help you find poses that look natural and authentic instead of stiff or forced. And once you get into the groove, it becomes easier for everyone involved. By the time it comes around to your wedding day, you'll be ready for anything!

At the end of the day, whether or not you do an engagement shoot is up to you. But it’s important to note that they offer so much more than just pretty pictures. You get to know your photographer before your wedding day, which can make your wedding day go a lot smoother and the photos look a whole lot better. On top of that, you have beautiful photos for save-the-dates and other wedding needs! Not only that but practicing in front of the camera is super important if you want to be relaxed on your big day. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get some amazing engagement photos.

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