HI! We are Kianna & Tito.

Back around the year 2009, Tito decided he was going to be a Photographer. In the east side of the island of Saint Martin, his father, (with the financial assistance of Tito's grandmother) bought a camera, lenses and accessories in a small camera shop. His father was an old school photographer so he always had awesome film cameras around him growing up. After doing just photography for a while, he wanted to learn something different so he decided to learn more about videography.  With a background in IT and music it was easy to jump into it and learn awesome editing techniques. After a few years of practice, in 2016 he created Febus Films. After all this time shooting weddings and other events, he realized that one of the things that inspire him the most is working with friends, a couple of the best photographers in the wedding industry, and that's why he has an amazing team he collaborates with. Tito and Kianna met in 2019 and got married in November of 2021. Kianna quickly took over the aesthetics and operations of the Febus Films brand. In a short period of time, Kianna added her flair to everything she touched. She took over the editing of both photos and videos to create this new look that took the brand to a whole other level. Kianna and Tito now live in Central Florida. Febus Films currently serves couples, weddings and events all over the world.

Our FAVORITE locations

We love all types of different locations for our destination weddings and engagement shoots. In fact, our favorite type of weddings are destination weddings for this reason. Do you want to do a hike together? Or maybe a picnic in the park? How about a sunset stroll on the beach? We're here to help you plan the perfect engagement shoot location, so you can get the pictures you've always wanted. Here's some of our favorite locations.


We love to travel and scout new locations. If you have any recommendations, please let us know about them.

We don't work alone.

Here's the team!

How we met

In the wedding industry, It's easy to make friends. Tito started out doing landscape photography and started to plan roadtrips with other local photographers every other weekend. This is how he met the best in the industry and decided to team up. Apart from this, he decided to take under his wing other upcoming photographers and videographer to learn in the field by helping more experienced photographers and videographers.

Where can I see their work?

Everywhere on this site and our social media platforms. If you can't tell the difference, is because they are that good. At the end of every event it all goes through the same editing process to keep everything looking consistent to our look and feel.

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Albert Burgos

Albert has the perfect blend of classic and modern style. With well over 10 years of experience, he is the perfect main or second shooter for any wedding. As a videographer, he works wonders with beautiful ideas to make the perfect film and when it come to editing, he can make fast work of a video that will leave you breathless.

Jay Sierra

Jayson has a modern style with a unique ability to come up with the perfect pose for every situation. He is also incredibly fast in spotting candid moments without you even noticing he's there. With over 10 years of experience he know's how to get the perfect shot. He's also a wizard behind the computer.

Ricardo Santiago

Ricardo is the most diverse photographer of the team. He love's taking all types of pictures from cars to all types of products. He's a great addition to the team as with him, we don't have to worry about getting all the tiny little details of your wedding in every picture and video he takes.

Randy Sepulveda

Randy has an amazing range of skills with all the gear he has. With things like FPV Drones, gimbals and telephoto lenses, Randy always get's great angles on all his shots. In every event he goes to, theres always that one picture he takes that just blows everyone away.

Nestor Vazquez

Nestor has a very distinct style. He truly shines at capturing the most amazing candid shots in every wedding he shoots in. He's amazing at blending in and making you feel like he's not there. Afterwards, when our clients see their pictures, there's always this moment when you say: "How did he get that!?"

Jaime Ortiz

Jaime has learned every technique in the business, from editing to shooting. Jaime will make you feel like you've known him all his life and even help with any situations that might happen in your wedding day. With his approach to photography and shooting style, there's always a wow moment in all he shoots.

Chris Sierra

Chris is an amazing portrait photographer. He's the perfect main shooter for this very reason. With his artistic shooting style, Chris wows with his ideas and unique perspective on how to shoot. Watch him team up with his brother Jay to create a perfect team.

How to book us

Contact us

First step: Go to our Contact page and send us all the details of your wedding. In just a few minutes, you will receive an email with your personal client portal. On your first log in, it will ask you to create an account, if you lose your password, you can reach out to use to reset it. In the portal, you will be able to see all of our packages, read the contract, sign it and even submit the deposit. You might also receive a questionnaire that you can complete at any time.

Choose a Package

Second step: When you find a package you like, you can open it and read all of the details. You could just choose it and keep going, but at this point, we will reach out to see if we can set up a meeting to talk about your wedding. This way we can help you choose a package or answer any questions you might have. Once you have decided you want us to capture you special day, all you have to do is click continue at the bottom of the page.

submit the deposit

Third step: At this point, you will be able to see the payment options and the contract. Once the deposit is paid, we're booked! After you sign the contract electronically, we will sign our part as well. Once that is done, you will be able to print or save your contract. You could also just close the portal and come back to it at any time. That's it! A few weeks before the event, we schedule a meeting to talk any last minute details.

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We understand it's a lot to take in. We have years of experience in the wedding industry and we are happy to share all of our tips and tricks.

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