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How much is the Initial deposit?

For us to secure your date we ask for 30% of the total contract balance. If air travel is necessary, a 35% deposit is asked to cover air travel cost's. This deposit, and any other deposit done after is non-refundable.

Where are you guys based?

Kianna and Tito are in Florida, somewhere near Orlando, but we have team members and collaborators in New York, Puerto Rico and Florida.

When do I get my pictures?

Here in Febus Films we do all we can to get your pictures and videos to you as fast as possible. The process is longer than some people might think. After the first time the pictures and videos get saved on our servers, we have to go through hundreds of pictures to later get sorted by our editors. Our strict standards don't permit us to send any unflattering pictures to our clients. After that is done we edit every single one of the chosen few. The whole process could take at least 1 month, for videos the process is much harder and will take more time depending on the complexity of it.

Longer Videos = More Editing

More Pictures = More Editing

More Editing = Epic Pictures and Videos

Do you shoot other types of events?

We shoot all kinds of events and videos! Music videos, commercials, anniversaries, parties and more. All you have to do is ask. When you hit the "Contact Us" button, make sure to put "Other" in the subject's drop down choices.

Where can I see Your portfolio?

We are constantly updating our portfolio. For us, it would not do us justice if we had a single portfolio here on our website, so for us to make sure we are up to date, we like to show our work in the social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more of our work!

Where can I see my contract?

Once the booking process has started, you have access to your very own Client Portal. In there , you can edit all your wedding information including questionaries, locations and messages. Once inside, you will be able to view and print your electronically signed contract and share it to whom ever you'd like, at anytime. You will get an email with your Client Portal link and if you lose it you can always ask for it.

What if we get Covid-19? or what if you get covid-19?

If your event date gets interrupted and you can change your event date, we will do everything we can to fulfill our services. If someone from our team gets sick, you don't have to worry, our teams size and network will make it possible to fulfill our contract to the fullest without any change in quality.

How do we get our pictures?

In most cases you will receive a Dropbox link with all your photos and videos. Your photos and videos are always safe with us, but we always tell our clients to backup everything just in case.

Where can I find our zoom meeting link?

When the meeting time comes, a team member will send you the link. You could also just click here.

Where and how can I pay?

On your Client Portal, you will be able to pay us using a credit card or debit card. Alternatively, you can pay us using the link all the way at the bottom of this website at the link where it reads "Make a payment here." Or just click here.

You can also pay with crypto currency with Ethereum at this address: febus.eth or 0x1a574834edc9f629a42a2c46dee29628423d1bd7

You could also pay with Bitcoin. Please contact us for more instructions on how to do so.

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